Bad Wolf Radio: A Doctor Who Podcast
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A discussion and review podcast all about Doctor Who. Join Adam and Aaron as they review new episodes, discuss the latest news, and even talk some Classic Who.

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    [103] Stay Strong

    Only 3 weeks until new Doctor Who!

    In this episode:

    • We discuss the Fugitive Doctor not being as planned as we thought
    • We look at the trailer and preview images for the upcoming Holiday Special
    • We talk some spoilers about cast changes
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    Introducing David Tennant Does a Podcast With...

    It's our David Tennant episode!

    • We talk a little about his podcast and play a clip from a Season 2 episode.
    • We take on the near-impossible task of picking our 5 favorite David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who (and throw in some honorable mentions.)
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    [101] She's My TARDIS

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    • Because Neil Gaiman has been in the Doctor Who discussion lately we take a look back at his episodes "The Doctor's Wife" and "Nightmare in Silver."
    • We tease our David Tennant retrospective episode and our promotion of his podcast David Tennant Does a Podcast With...
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    [100] Time-y Wimey Stuff

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    • We talk about some of our favorite content from the Doctor Who: Lockdown YouTube channel.
    • We do a full ranking of all Series 12 episodes.
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    [099] Mind Blown

    Doctor Who has been rewritten. Are we ok with that?

    Our review of "The Timeless Children."

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    [097] Save the Poet

    Check out our review of "The Haunting of Villa Diodati."

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    [096] 77 Minutes Out

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    • We look at the short "Still to Come" teaser and analyze the new footage revealed.
    • Our full review of "Can You Hear Me."
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    [095] I'm Sorry, Adam

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    • Aaron watched some Sixth Doctor episodes and we discuss possible connections to the current season.
    • We continue to theorize about "Ruth Doctor."
    • We take a look at the episode descriptions for upcoming episodes and speculate (some of our speculations seem to be proven wrong already by news released this morning.)
    • We give our full review of "Praxeus."
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    [094] Let Me Take It From the Top

    SPOILERS. This episode is full of them.

    Listen is as we review all the crazy twists and turns and revelations that happened in "Fugitive of the Judoon."

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    [093] It's Only Nikola Tesla!

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio we look for clues in the latest TV spot and review "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror."

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    [092] They're Not Real Bats

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    • We discuss the announced titles of the next few episodes and speculate on what we could expect.
    • We do a full review of "Orphan 55."
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    [091] Trust No One

    In our first episode of the new year, we review the 2-part Doctor Who story "Spyfall."

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    [090] I Know Exactly Who I Am

    Do you miss Doctor Who as much as we do? Well you are in luck!

    We have an extra-long episode of Bad Wolf Radio looking back on Series 11.

    We recap each episode and give full rankings as we reminisce about the first season featuring Chris Chibnall, Jodie Whittaker, and the rest of the fam.

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    [088] Travel Hopefully

    In this episode of Bad Wolf Radio we talk about the wait for Series 12 and review "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos."

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    [086] I am Not a Witch!

    In this episode of Bad Wolf Radio we discuss the Doctor's new scarf, rumors of an early showrunner exit, and we review "The Witchfinders."

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    [085] That's Robophobic

    Robophobia and exploding bubble wrap.. sounds like a Doctor Who episode.

    Our review of "Kerblam!"

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    [084] I'm Such a Comedian

    In this episode of Bad Wolf Radio we discuss the positives and negatives of the Christmas Special being replaced, and we review "Demons of the Punjab."

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    [083] Hope Prevails

    We are already halfway through the new season of Doctor Who!

    In this episode of Bad Wolf Radio we review "The Tsuranga Conundrum" and rank our favorite episodes of the season so far.

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    [082] Tea at Yaz's

    The Doctor and "Team Tardis" make it back to Sheffield but have to face off against giant spiders and a ridiculous American presidential candidate.

    Our review of "Arachnids in the UK."

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    [081] She Changed the Universe

    Doctor Who covers some heavy and uncomfortable topics and properly honors an important historical figure.

    Tune in as Adam and Aaron discuss "Rosa."

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    [080] My Beautiful Ghost Monument

    "Welcome to what I presume is your first alien planet."

    Our full review of Series 11, Episode 2 "The Ghost Monument"

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    [079] Does it Suit Me?

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio..

    • Aaron gives a recap of the Doctor Who things he did at NYCC which includes a photo op with David Tennant!
    • We excitedly discuss the first episode of Season 11, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth."
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    [078] This is Gonna be Fun

    If rumors are to be believed we have less than a month until new Doctor Who!

    Adam and Aaron take a look at the full Doctor Who panel from San Diego Comic Con and the new trailer and give their thoughts on all the new information.

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    [077] I'm Looking for a Doctor

    We finally got a teaser clip for Season 11! Well we weren't supposed to have it yet, but we saw it and think it's worth talking about.

    • So far. We recap everything that has been announced and that we know leading up to Season 11.
    • Leaks! With a big SPOILER WARNING we discuss what we saw in the leaked video and screenshots.
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    [076] Not Just Pirates Today

    There is not a lot going on in the Doctor Who world right now, but we still wanted to get together and talk about things.

    • So cute. To start the show Aaron talks about his latest collecting discovery, Titan Kawaii vinyl figures.
    • Ever-changing. We talk about the shiny new Doctor Who logo and look back at the logos of the past.
    • A new face. We discuss the casting of Alan Cumming and what he may bring to the show.
    • Better off. Many actors have turned down the role of the Doctor. We look at the list and think about what might have been.
    • Good and bad. The fans voted and we weigh in on the best and worst of the modern series.
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    [075] I Let You Go

    It's our Christmas Special review where we talk about Bill, Clara, Daleks, glass aliens, changing times, and we rank the modern Doctor regenerations.


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    [074] To Hell With the Raggedy

    The Doctor's got new clothes! Bad Wolf Radio is back to discus the latest happenings in the world of Doctor Who.

    • Friends or companions? We talk about the 3 new cast members and what their roles may be.
    • Too casual or just right? We discuss the reveal of the Doctor's new outfit and the changes to the TARDIS.
    • Focused storytelling. Changes to episode running times and season length have been rumored. We weigh in with our thoughts and hopes.
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    [073] There's Two of Us

    No more Doctor Who until Christmas, but we still had a few things to talk about.

    • Summer memories. We recap our experience watching "The Five Doctors" together.
    • But once a year. We discuss the synopsis and teaser trailer for "Twice Upon a Time."
    • Things to come. We give our brief thoughts on possible companions for the Thirteenth Doctor.
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    [072] I'm a Girl!

    Some really big Doctor Who news hit us a little earlier than expected. We discuss our thoughts on the new Doctor and more in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • She's the Doctor. Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the Thirteenth Doctor and we ramble on about it.
    • Strong finish. We look back on Season 10 and discuss the highs and lows and pick our favorite episodes.
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    [071] I Hoped There'd Be Stars

    The Season 10 finale held so many surprises and left us wondering about what is yet to come.

    • Back to face the raven? Pretty solid rumors indicate the return of a certain companion for the Christmas Special.
    • Secret secrets. John Simm has voiced his frustration on the BBC's ability to keep Doctor Who secrets. We don't disagree with him.
    • Missy falls? We discuss the twists and turns of the season finale of Doctor Who.
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    [070] Where is Bill Potts?

    So many cliffhangers! The first part of the season finale had us so excited that we just had to do a review rather than wait to review both parts together.

    • Aaron talks about diving back into the Classic series and his experience with the BritBox app.
    • Regeneration? Loss of a companion? Return of the Master? And this is just the first half of the finale! We discuss "World Enough and Time."
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    [069] All Crows Talk

    We talk a little news, review "The Eaters of Light", and look forward to the end of Season 10 on this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • Don't you think he looks tired? In an interview with Radio Times Capaldi talks about his reasons for leaving Doctor Who.
    • Just a touch of red. We look at the promo pics for "World Enough and Time" and discuss the Master's new threads.
    • What's next? Moffat and Gatiss have their next project. We talk about our interest level in a Dracula TV series helmed by the creative duo.
    • Death by Scotland. We review "The Eaters of Light."
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    [068] Like Frozen

    The Ice Warriors return and Mark Gatiss gets a much deserved reprieve in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • We still don't know who the next Doctor will be, but Russell Davies does.
    • Pearl Mackie seemed like a one- season companion but now we aren't so sure. Would we want to see her stay?
    • We discuss the latest episode "Empress of Mars" and compare to another Gatiss episode, "Cold War."
    • We take a look at promo pics and trailers for "The Eaters of Light."
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    [067] Put the Gun Down

    It's a double review episode of Bad Wolf Radio!

    We took a week off so we could review the last two episodes of the Monk trilogy together.

    We talk a little about episode rankings and then jump right into our reviews. Did the opening of the vault live up to our expectations? Are the Monks more than just a cool alien design? Is Missy fooling us all?

    Listen in for our thoughts on "The Pyramid at the End of the World" and "The Lie of the Land."

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    [066] Who Needs Nardole?

    Bad Wolf Radio is back with our review of "Extremis."

    We also look ahead at the promo pics and trailer for "The Pyramid at the End of the World."

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    [065] Exactly Like Camping

    Who is leaving Doctor Who? Who is in that darn vault? Who is going to play the next Doctor? We talk about it all on this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • The Master of none. Michelle Gomez announces her departure from Doctor Who and we aren't sure we were really wondering.
    • Just not the same. More audio dramas have been announced featuring David Tennant and Billie Piper. Adam is excited.
    • Not a ginger. A couple new names are in the conversation about who will play the next Doctor, and we give our thoughts.
    • Space zombies! But not really. We discuss and review the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Oxygen."
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    [064] Sleep Is For Tortoises

    Time for the haunted house episode! We review "Knock Knock" and predict the future in this brand new episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • Just breath. We look at the promo pics and trailers for the upcoming episode "Oxygen" and do some speculating.
    • Vault talk. Thanks to Steven Moffat and a more detailed synopsis for the episode "Extremis" we have new clues about who or what is behind that door.
    • Poor Pavel. We discuss and review the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Knock Knock."
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    [063] Pick a Dress

    Back in time we go! Bad Wolf Radio is back to talk about river creatures, Mark Gatiss, and knocks on the door.

    • Not so bad? A listener challenges us to consider the good things Mark Gatiss has brought us, and we turn it into a whole segment.
    • Zombies.. in space! We look at the official synopsis for "Oxygen" and get appropriately creeped out.
    • Calm down Bill. We discuss and review the recent episode "Thin Ice."
    • Back to school. We check out the teaser trailer for the next episode.
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    [062] Past or Future?

    Is Season 10 of Doctor Who already on shaky ground? Adam doesn't think so. Leave it to emoji robots to divide our hosts once again.

    • Rumors of the return of a previous Doctor heat up, and we jump to conclusions with the rest of Who fandom.
    • Doctor Who is trying a new immersive experience for an upcoming episode, and it might be a little too scary for Adam.
    • Emoji robots have Aaron a little cranky, but Adam is here to put a positive spin on things.
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    [061] She's Fine

    Doctor Who is finally back and a full season is ahead of us. We have a lot to talk about!

    • John Simm is returning to Doctor Who and we discuss what that might mean for the story.
    • Rumor has it we already know who the new Doctor is going to be. We give our early thoughts on the possibility.
    • Rumors on the timing of the Doctor's regeneration and a possible guest appearance also have us talking. Grain of salt and all that.
    • We review the first episode of Season 10 and welcome a new companion.
    • We spend some time looking ahead and picking apart the Season 10 teaser trailer.
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    [060] No More

    Some sad news and a lot of speculation about the future of Doctor Who can be found in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • After the sad news of the passing of John Hurt, we look back on his brief time as the War Doctor.
    • Season 10 will be Capaldi's last. We discuss what might be to come and who may fill the iconic role.
    • Missy will appear in Season 10. We briefly speculate on where she might fit in and if this version of the Master will be gone with Capaldi.
    • They are not just for kids. We get childish and discuss Funko's upcoming Playmobil branded Doctors and the Dalek's appearance in the LEGO Batman movie.
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    [059] I Brought Snacks

    Doctor Who is back, if only for a moment, and we were so ready for it!

    • Things to come. We break down the Season 10 teaser and speculate on what kind of companion Bill might be.
    • Don't hurt Mr. Huffle! We discuss and review the recent Doctor Who Christmas Special.
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    [058] Who's The Ghost?

    We are less than a month away from new Doctor Who! Bad Wolf Radio is back to discuss and speculate on the upcoming Christmas Special and Season 10.

    • Rumors are fun. We go through everything we know, or think we know, about Season 10 of Doctor Who.
    • Reason for concern? We discuss the state of the Doctor Who franchise and if all this waiting around has fans losing interest.
    • One season wonder. With the coming of a new showrunner, we wonder if a clean slate makes sense and what that means for the new companion
    • Comes but once a year. The Doctor Who Christmas Special is just weeks away, and we talk about all the promotional images and videos that have been released so far.
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    [057] 'Hello River'

    It's an extra long episode of Bad Wolf Radio including the full audio from the Arthur Darvill/Alex Kingston panel at Dragon Con 2016!

    • One Pond short. Aaron recaps his time at Dragon Con 2016.
    • The Doctor takes Manhattan. We talk about the Doctor Who celebrities attending New York Comic Con and what panels you can see them on
    • Jedi Time Lord. Tom Baker will be voicing a character on the popular animated series Star Wars Rebels and we have a clip.
    • Second thoughts. Does Christopher Eccleston regret now staying on for another season of Doctor Who?
    • Gatiss approved. The popular Doctor Who writer has given his thumbs up to the upcoming Christmas Special script. But does that make us feel good or bad?
    • This again. John Barrowman is returning to Doctor Who.. kind of.
    • Back to the Classics. The Second Doctor's first adventure is going to be seen for the first time in animated form. We are pretty excited about this.
    • Dragon Con audio. Stick around after the credits for the full audio from the Dragon Con 2016 panel featuring Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston
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    [056] Some Got Left Behind

    Top hats and little black cubes! Bad Wolf Radio is back to talk all things Doctor Who.

    • Pictures with Rory. We talk about the upcoming appearances of Doctor Who actors at Dragon Con and New York Comic Con.
    • Top hats are cool. Set photos from Season 10 are starting to leak out and we take a look.
    • Staying for a while? Moffat has recently hinted that Season 10 may not be Capaldi's last.
    • Before the angels. We discuss and review the final Chibnall written episode, "The Power of Three."
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    [055] I Have a Gang

    It's Bad Wolf Radio.. on a spaceship!

    • One with the Force. Tom Baker is joining the voice cast of the animated series Star Wars Rebels.
    • Misfit. New executive producer Matt Strevens was announced. Or was he?
    • Did it even need to be said? Matt Smith is not coming back to Who, but that won't stop our fun speculation.
    • Dinosaurs and annoying robots. We discuss the Chibnall written episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship."
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    [054] Hello Ponds!

    These Ponds keep breaking our hearts. Amy, Rory, the Eleventh, and plenty of speculation about the future of Doctor Who, all in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • Are you my mommy? Bad Wolf Radio has found a new home at the Pod Tyrant Network.
    • Chuffed to bits. Matt Lucas is returning to Doctor Who, but in what form?
    • Too soon? Capaldi is already hinting at a return of Clara.
    • Doctor Ejiofor? Moffat claims the part of the Doctor has already been offered to a POC.
    • Pond Life. We discuss the 5 shorts written by Chibnall.
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    [053] Tell Me About Rory

    We had to watch Rory Williams die all over again! We continue our reviews of Chibnall written episodes and discuss the latest news in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • Captain Jack returns? John Barrowman is dropping hints and we are skeptical.
    • Fun with Instagram. Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, and Michelle Gomez showed up in a picture together and it got us talking about all the fun, never-gonna-happen possibilities.
    • Can never get enough. We talk about Matt Smith's role in a movie we don't really want to watch and why we might actually watch it now.
    • Lizard people are mostly bad. We review the next Chibnall written episode "Cold Blood."
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    [052] Ground Feels Strange

    New companion and much more to talk about in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio!

    • Love that voice. Tenth Doctor and Donna audio dramas are here. We'll take what we can get.
    • Group think. We talk about the changes Chibnall may be bringing to the Doctor Who writer's room.
    • Her name is Bill? We give our thoughts on the announcement of a new companion.
    • You had questions. We answer questions from our listeners about multi-Doctor stories and how Danny Pink could return.
    • Lizard people! We discuss and review the next Chibnall written episode, The Hungry Earth.
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    [051] I'll Save You!

    Some news and a Tenth Doctor review brings Bad Wolf Radio out of our short hiatus.

    Amazon to the rescue. We talk about the positives and negatives of Doctor Who's new streaming home.

    So classy. The cast for the Doctor Who spinoff has been announced and give our current interest level in the new show.

    He said, she said. Did Capaldi accidentally let slip the gender of the new companion? We aren't so convinced.

    Four episode plan. No Chibnall episode is safe! We discuss and review the Season 3 episode "42."

  55. Thumb 1455917415 artwork

    [050] Smile for Me

    Even though Doctor Who is on a break, we still have a lot to talk about on this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    Out with the old. We talk about the departure of Moffat and his replacement Chris Chibnall.

    Bad timing? Netflix and Hulu have removed Doctor Who from their streaming services. We discuss the impact this could have on an already shaky fanbase.

    Oh the memories. We look back at Season 9 and talk the highs and lows.

  56. Thumb 1452192499 artwork

    [049] Just the Wind

    The Holidays are over and we are back with another episode of Bad Wolf Radio!

    River Song, face splitting, Baymax, and more. Listen in as we discuss the Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song.

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    [048] Never Eat Pears

    Doctor Who Series 9 ended with some surprises and some unanswered questions.

    We head to the end of time to discuss Gallifrey, Clara, regenerations, and more in our review of Hell Bent.

  58. Thumb 1449266387 artwork

    [047] I'm Good at Traps

    Another unplanned episode, but we just can't help ourselves. Doctor Who is giving us so many interesting things to talk about!

    Together at last. Adam and Aaron meet up under the same roof and watch the penultimate episode of the season. Yes, that's a thing.

    Peter Jackson, you tease. Is Peter Jackson going to direct an episode of Doctor Who? Probably.

    The return of River Song. We talk about promo pics for the Christmas Special and companion names being used as episode titles.

    Did it really happen? Aaron nitpicks and Adam explains in our review of Heaven Sent.

  59. Thumb 1448675651 artwork

    [046] Stay with Me

    Wow.. Face the Raven.

    We recorded a special episode of Bad Wolf Radio to discuss all the spoilery happenings.

    "Don't Run."

  60. Thumb 1448321195 artwork

    [045] I Do the Naming!

    Something big just happened on Doctor Who.. but we aren't talking about it yet. We recorded this episode before we watched Face the Raven.

    Typecast? Michelle Gomez shows up in Gotham and plays crazy.

    Spoilers. We give our thoughts on the upcoming 3 part finale.

    Listener Feedback. What do we think about 2-parters?

    This doesn't make any sense! We discuss and review Sleep No More.

    Worse than Kill the Moon? Adam points out some of the worst Doctor Who episodes and Aaron gives his opinions.

  61. Thumb 1447882147 artwork

    [044] I Forgive You

    It's an extended edition of Bad Wolf Radio!

    Of Timelords and bricks. We talk Doctor Who, the Twelfth Doctor's minifig and the possibility of an appearance in the next LEGO movie.

    River Song on the big screen. The Doctor Who Christmas special is coming to theaters and we are hoping maybe with a new companion.

    This again? Aaron talks about his high hopes for a Doctor Who movie and Adam humors him.

    Zygons before Gallifrey? We discuss and review The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion.

  62. Thumb 1446481132 artwork

    [043] We Need the Mayflies

    Those pesky immortals.

    We discuss and review The Woman Who Lived.

    Adam makes Aaron rank the Season 9 episodes so far.

    Stick around after the credits for some bonus content.

  63. Thumb 1445708246 artwork

    [042] Come With Me

    Vikings are back but the Monk is nowhere to be found. It's a new episode of Bad Wolf Radio!

    The listeners know best. We respond to listener feedback about where River got her sonic.

    The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River. We get a little nostalgic for the Eleventh.

    Pompeii explained. We review the latest Season 9 episode, The Girl Who Died.

  64. Thumb 1445114902 artwork

    [041] Barely a Feather Ruffled

    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey, just how we like our Doctor Who. We are back with another episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    Those eyes. We talk about David Tennant's kind of appearance in the new Jessica Jones trailer.

    Big scary monsters. We walk through all the Toby Whithouse written episodes and discuss similarities with Before the Flood.

    Remember when. Aaron talks about a couple Doctor Who episodes (Rose, Utopia) he went back and recently rewatched.

    Explain it to me. We review the latest episode of Doctor Who, Before the Flood.

  65. Thumb 1444677217 artwork

    [040] They're Not Ghosts

    Better late than never. Our editor (Aaron) got distracted by New York Comic Con and forgot how to work the TARDIS, so our review of Under the Lake is being released after Before the Flood has already aired. On the bright side, you can listen to this episode and laugh at how wrong we were on all our speculations.

    Build-a-TARDIS. LEGO finally reveals the official Doctor Who set coming out in December. We discuss and share our dream Doctor Who LEGO ideas.

    Saved by the cloister bell. A Doctor Who spin-off series has been announced and will focus on Coal Hill School. We discuss our interest level.

    Not quite before the flood. We review Under the Lake.

  66. Thumb 1443820459 artwork

    [039] Always Mercy

    The Doctor faces one of his greatest enemies and teams up with one of his dearest friends.. or is it the other way around?

    Listen in as Adam and Aaron review the second episode of Season 9, The Witch's Familiar.

  67. Thumb 1443206393 artwork

    [038] Exterminate!

    Season 9 has begun! Bad Wolf Radio is back to our weekly episode reviews and this first one gave us plenty to talk about.

    Who is the magician's apprentice? Before we get into the episode review we talk about the prologue we both missed, The Doctor's Meditation.

    The Master.. er Missy.. and Davros in the same episode? We take most of the show's time to talk all things The Magician's Apprentice. So much going on!

    Adam surprises Aaron with 7 questions he can only answer "yes" or "no" to.

  68. Thumb 1442602479 artwork

    [037] Look After the Universe

    Season 9 starts tomorrow and Bad Wolf Radio is here to get you prepared!

    • Hayley Atwell said something about Doctor Who and everyone overreacted. We overreact a little too.
    • Spoilers. Companions come and go. We discuss the latest news surrounding River Song and Clara.
    • Return of the Sisterhood. We talk about the mysterious two-minute Season 9 prologue.
    • Season 9 preview. We break down every episode of Season 9 based on snippets and quotes provided by none other than Steven Moffat.
  69. Thumb 1439265905 artwork

    [036] I Save People

    No guests this time to lie to us about Danny Pink. It's just Aaron and Adam talking the latest Doctor Who news on this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    Doctor Who in IMAX 3D. Worth the trip and the $18 ticket?

    No Season 10 of Doctor Who? Should we be worried or excited for pending change?

    Missing minifig? There is a new trailer for LEGO Dimensions featuring Doctor Who. We talk about the game and why it may be missing our favorite Doctor.

    Who is she? Maisie Williams' appearance in the Season 9 trailer kicked off some interesting theories. We talk about what Moffat had to say and if we think he is lying.

    Scary or fun? We discuss the new Season 9 trailer and what we are expecting from the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

  70. Thumb 1434382062 artwork

    [035] Who Was That Little Man?

    Not one, but two special guests on this brand new episode of Bad Wolf Radio!

    Let's call them companions. We welcome Jason Hunt (Talking Timelords) and Kay (Hyperspace Theories) to the show.

    Toys and games. We talk about Doctor Who being added to LEGO Dimensions and the new Funko Pop Vinyls.

    Five minutes. Kay lies to us about Danny Pink and we try to figure out how he can still exist.

    Doctor Who events. Doctor Who is returning to San Diego Comic Con and a new festival is happening in London. Jason can't afford to go.

    Spoilers. We talk about the confirmed and rumored returning characters and give our opinions on if they should be returning at all.

    Classic Review. We say goodbye to Stephen, Dodo, and the First Doctor all at the same time. We review the Classic adventure "The War Machines."

  71. Thumb 1432056879 artwork

    [034] What About My Tooth!

    We were briefly lost in time but we have found our way back with a brand new episode of Bad Wolf Radio!

    Our two favorite listeners. We start out by reading some listener feedback which leads to our "Five Minutes of Danny Pink" and a discussion on if the TARDIS allows Vicki to speak Greek.

    The Doctor and Rose in Philadelphia. Tennant and Piper were in Philly and Aaron explains why he missed it. Included is a clip from the panel and audio from Smith and Tennants video "fan-off."

    Spoilers. We talk about new info that has been announced about Season Nine including returning characters and casting announcements.

    The Time Masters? Arthur Darvill will be in a new DC Comics TV show and Aaron is really excited about it.

    Doctor Who fashion. Adam is concerned by the digression of the Eleventh Doctor's clothes. We discuss some set images that show a very different look for our once stylish Doctor.

    Classic series review. This time around we watch and discuss the Classic First Doctor Adventure "The Gunfighters."

  72. Thumb 1427062373 artwork

    [033] We Come as Friends

    The Monoids have taken over but we are still broadcasting. Enjoy a brand new episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    The Tenth is travelling again. We talk about David Tennant hitting the US convention scene and how much we'd pay to meet him.

    Listener feedback. We got a couple more messages and we read them on the show.

    Five minutes of Danny Pink. New Titan vinyls are coming in August and we talk about which ones we'd buy and where we'd place poor Danny. Also Adam thinks we need to change our intro.

    Which episode of Doctor Who has had the most formal complaints filed about it? Adam let's us know.

    More Ninth Doctor! A new comic series is coming from Titan in April.

    What happened to Vicki? Before we talk about our Classic Who adventure we do a quick recap of what happened in all the episodes that we missed.

    700 years is a long time. We discuss the Classic Doctor Who adventure "The Ark."

  73. Thumb 1425357920 artwork

    [032] And History Will Be

    New episode, new home. Bad Wolf Radio is now part of the Shotglass Digital network. Check out our new digs.

    Toys! Doctor Who LEGO and Funko Pops have been announced and we will probably buy some.

    5 minutes of Danny Pink. We give him his due and correct our misconceptions about his companion status.

    Doctor Who conventions. Gallifrey One just happened and we didn't get to go, but we talk about wanting to.

    Guess who's back? We talk official announcements and spoilers from Season 9.

    We got emails! We read emails from listeners including one from the host of another awesome Doctor Who podcast.

    A brand new companion and a brand new Time Lord. We discuss the Classic Doctor Who adventure "The Time Meddler."

  74. Thumb 1422897028 artwork

    [031] I Shall Miss Them

    We have a long time to wait until new episodes of Doctor Who, but the show must go on!

    What do we know so far about Season 9? Not much, but we talk about it anyway.

    The director of "Blink" is coming back for Season 9. Will the Weeping Angels return?

    David Tennant is entering the Marvel Universe. Can we see him as a comic book villain?

    Back to the Classics. We discuss the First Doctor adventure "The Chase."

    Goodbye Ian and Barbara!

  75. Thumb 1420816356 artwork

    [030] Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

    It's the New Year but we are still talking about Christmas.

    We are talking about Season 9 already? Some casting rumors are starting to surface. A Game of Thrones actor but probably one you've never heard of.

    Americans still love Doctor Who. The ratings here are up even though they are down in the UK. We ponder on why that could be.

    With dream crabs anything is possible! We discuss the Christmas Special and give our thoughts on Danny Pink, Nick Frost, Inception, old people makeup and much more.

  76. Thumb 1419369148 artwork

    [029]: It's a Fightin' Hand!

    It's almost Christmas and as promised we give you a pre-Christmas episode. Listen in for our full Season 8 recap with guest Jason Hunt.

  77. Thumb 1415961300 artwork

    [028]: I Am Not a Hero

    We have reached the end of Season 8 of Doctor Who, and I think it was a good one. Well we enjoyed talking about it at least.

    In this season finale episode of Bad Wolf Radio we discuss and review "Death in Heaven."

    Clara as the Doctor? Why do bad things happen to good people? Will the Master/Mistress be back? So much to talk about.

    We also discuss the upcoming Christmas Special, scary aliens, and Santa Claus.

  78. Thumb 1415358195 artwork

    [027]: Throw the Key

    Only half of the season finale is over and so much has already happened!

    We take this entire episode of Bad Wolf Radio to dissect and review "Dark Water."

    Is Danny really gone? How did we like the "Missy" reveal? What part will the Cybermen play? We discuss these things and so much more.

  79. Thumb 1414750715 artwork

    [026]: Which Box is Larger?

    Even unexpected forests and sun flares can't keep us from bringing you another episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    Matt Smith as an action star? We talk about the newly released images from Terminator Genesis.

    Who needs the Doctor when you have trees? We discuss the latest episode of Series 8 "In the Forest of the Night." Kids, wolves, Danny Pink, human extinction.. we cover it all.

    Who is Missy? We take a look at the latest trailers for the next episode of Doctor Who and ponder what they might be showing us.

  80. Thumb 1414143620 artwork

    [025]: Don't You Dare

    Bad Wolf Radio is back and we prefer our monsters boneless.

    The UK gets all the cool stuff. You can watch an early screening of "Death in Heaven" if you can attend an event in Cardiff. We can't and we are jealous.

    Can you judge books by their covers? We talk about the just released 12 Doctors 12 Stories.

    Gareth Roberts as the next showrunner? We discuss his work on Doctor Who so far and if we are excited for the possibility.

    Interdimensional monsters and graffiti artists. We discuss and review the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Flatline."

  81. Thumb 1413542613 artwork

    [024]: Are You My Mummy?

    It's another episode of Bad Wolf Radio and you have 66 seconds to start listening.

    Are Cybermen really scary? There are only 4 episodes of Doctor Who left this season and we talk about what we know about them.

    Eccleston is back? Well kinda. We discuss Doctor Who comics and what it would take to get us to actually read them.

    Bad Wolf No More? Billie Piper hints that she might be done with Who and we talk about what other companions may come back.

    Are you my mummy? We discuss and review the latest episode "Mummy on the Orient Express".

  82. Thumb 1412849671 artwork

    [023]: That's the Rules

    Like a space dragon hatched from a moon-sized egg, Bad Wolf Radio releases a brand new episode on the unsuspecting universe.

    Was the Robin Hood episode that bad? Some people on the internet have rated every episode so far and we disagree with them. Or at least Aaron does.

    Didn't we just talk about this? We discuss how scary Doctor Who really is, analyzing each episode of the season so far.

    What came first, the dragon or the moon? We discuss the latest episode "Kill the Moon" and we don't hold back.

  83. Thumb 1412328349 artwork

    [022]: Humans. I Never Learn

    Seems like we just did this. After flying solo to Retro Con, Aaron is back together with Adam for another episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    Con life. Aaron gives a little more detail about his time at Retro Con and talks about the upcoming New York Comic Con.

    No news is good news? Not much news to talk about this episode so we jump right into discussing the clips and info from "Kill the Moon" and other upcoming episodes.

    Poor Danny. We talk about the latest episode "The Caretaker" and the interesting interactions between the Doctor and Clara's boyfriend. Oh, and there was a planet killing robot too.

  84. Thumb 1412244298 artwork

    [021]: Fantastic

    Aaron was at Retro Con 2014 this past weekend covering all things Doctor Who and spreading the word about Bad Wolf Radio. Sadly Adam was not able to join him but he was not alone.

    Guests who joined Aaron on our "live from the con" episode include Jon Eckert (The Freshcast), Joel Goins (Aaron's brother), artist Scott Derby, cosplayer Bryan Schaefer, opinionated fan Victoria, and Marc Morrell (Let's Voltron).

  85. Thumb 1411632481 artwork

    [020]: Bow Tie. Bit Embarrassing

    Twenty episodes of Bad Wolf Radio down and so many more to go.

    Kids stuff? We discuss if Doctor Who has reached the point where it is no longer safe for children to watch.

    Has Listen already passed Blink as a favorite episode? The internet weighs in on this and other opinions. We give our opinions as well.

    Some rumors do come true. Nick Frost is confirmed as being cast in the Christmas Special. Aaron has a theory on what type of character he will be playing.

    Not another zombie movie. Matt Smith has been cast in the upcoming film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. We talk about if this is a good career move for the former Doctor.

    Is the Doctor jealous? We discuss the trailer and images from the upcoming episode "The Caretaker".

    A good man robs a bank. We review the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Time Heist".

  86. Thumb 1411157085 artwork

    [019]: Don't Look Round!

    A return to Gallifrey sooner than we expected. We are back with another episode of your favorite Doctor Who podcast.

    Should we be worried? The ratings for Doctor Who have been slowly dropping. We talk about why the show must go on.

    Is Capaldi already the best Doctor? Some people are already saying so. We give our thoughts on where he stands.

    Are we already talking about Christmas? Popular actor Nick Frost is rumored (actually it may be confirmed now) to be appearing in the Christmas Special.

    Next time on Doctor Who. We speculate based on the trailer and some images for the next episode "Time Heist".

    Listen! We give our review of the latest episode and if you stick around after the credits you can hear Adam's crazy theory involving the Master.

    Oh Adam.

  87. Thumb 1410622932 artwork

    [018]: I Don't Need a Sword

    Three episodes into Series 8 and we are still loving it!

    Doctor Who on the big screen. We talk about the theatrical release of "Deep Breath" and if we would want to see the next Christmas Special in theaters as well.

    Fan favorite companion. Rose Tyler wins in the Radio Times favorite companion poll. Deserved? We give our opinions on how the bracket went.

    Ready for some scary Doctor Who? We discuss the clips and trailers for "Listen" and speculate about Danny Pink's role.

    Fact or fiction? We review last week's "Robot of Sherwood".

  88. Thumb 1409911141 artwork

    [017]: Do I Pay You?

    This episode we are joined by popular podcaster Teresa Delgado (Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue).

    GQ material? We discuss Peter Capaldi being named TV Personality of the Year and if the honor was deserved.

    Danny Pink is here to stay. We talk about the official announcement of Danny Pink as a companion and Teresa has some questions about past companions.

    Up next, Robin Hood. We get into all the things about the next episode including set pictures, the trailer, and a scene that has already been cut.

    Is Eccleston coming back? No. But that doesn't stop us from talking about the possibility.

    Into Darkness. Adam, Aaron, and Teresa go into depth about the latest Who episode "Into the Dalek".

    Resistance is futile.

  89. Thumb 1409306913 artwork

    [016]: I Miss Amy

    Doctor Who is back!

    Is it time for a new companion? We talk about the possibility of Jenna Coleman leaving after just one season with Capaldi.

    Forests, trains, and a mummy. We discuss the titles of all Series 8 episodes and do our best to blindly speculate about what they might mean.

    The premiere episode has come and gone and we had thoughts. We talk about the episode in detail and if we are are on board with this version of the Doctor. Spoiler alert. We are.

  90. Thumb 1408097486 artwork

    [015]: Am I a Good Man?

    Doctor Who is coming back to TV in just over a week, and we are excited! This episode is all about the build up to the new season of Who.

    Didn't we just have dinosaurs? We talk about the interesting images in the trailers we have seen so far and what they might tell us about the new direction of Doctor Who. We also discuss a few other clips that have been released including one with a Dalek!

    Is Aaron still talking about Pompeii? Peter Capaldi references his former appearance on Doctor Who and if it means anything. We discuss longer than we should.

    Andy Serkis as the Master? Peter Jackson rumors have resurfaced and we talk about the possibility of him directing an episode of Doctor Who.

  91. Thumb 1404212275 artwork

    [014]: Hello, I'm the Doctor

    On this very special episode we talk some Series 8 news, Philadelphia Comic Con, and have some audio from the Matt Smith/Karen Gillan Q&A.

    Will we see a return of the Timelords? Adam keeps talking about spoilers and Aaron keeps downplaying them.

    How well do you know your Doctor Who titles? Aaron and Adam discuss how they did on the popular Buzzfeed quiz.

    Does Colin Baker listen to Bad Wolf Radio? Probably not, but he shares Aaron's opinion on the benefit of younger Doctors.

    The Doctor lands in Philadelphia. Aaron recaps his experience at Philly Comic Con.

    Don't care what we have to say and just want to hear the Smith/Gillan Q&A? Go to about the 50:00 mark.

  92. Thumb 1402653089 artwork

    [013]: Time and Relativity My Dear Boy

    Matt Smith live and in person. Aaron talks about his upcoming visit to Wizard World Philadelphia and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan's scheduled appearance there.

    Is 15 seconds really a trailer? Adam has some negative things to say about the Series 8 teaser trailer and compares it to trailers we have gotten before.

    Collecting can be addictive. Aaron talks about his recent discovery of Doctor Who micro figures.

    The Doctor travels the world. The BBC just announced that Doctor Who is going on a world tour including a stop in New York. Do the dates give us a hint at the premiere date of Series 8?

    For our Classic Who review we discuss the First Doctor adventure "The Space Museum".

  93. Thumb 1400235458 artwork

    [012]: I'm Not Handsome?

    Doctor Who isn't back yet but we have some interesting news items to talk about this time around.

    Matt Smith in Terminator. We discuss if we think this is a good move for his career.

    Doctor Who actors are everywhere this Summer! Adam gives us the rundown on where you can see your favorite Who actors on TV and in film.

    Moffat explains why Eccleston's face wasn't used in the 50th Anniversary Special. Do we buy it?

    Want more War Doctor? We discuss the upcoming novel Engines of War.

    Should the Doctor be seen as attractive? Moffat says no. We contemplate.

    For our Classic Who review we discuss the First Doctor adventure "The Web Planet".

  94. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [011]: Goodbye Susan

    Adam and Aaron are back in our 11th episode talking modern and classic Doctor Who.

    Barrowman in, Cumberbatch out. Our hosts discuss if they would like to see a return of Captain Jack and Adam fanboys all over Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Should the Doctor be able to meet fictional characters? We talk about the latest leaks and rumors about Series 8.

    Missed Episodes. Major events happened in the Classic story "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" and we missed them! We talk about the story as well as the spin-off movies and say our goodbyes to Susan.

    The Doctor gets a new companion. We discuss and review the First Doctor adventure "The Rescue".

  95. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [010]: This Old Thing?

    We have reached the 10th episode of Bad Wolf Radio and we are going to call it a milestone! Thanks to everyone who has been listening so far. Tell all your Whovian friends about us.

    Matt Smith and Karen Gillan may be gone but they are not forgotten. We discuss their recent convention appearances as well as Karen's Reddit AMA.

    What would you take? Adam asks Aaron what item he would take from the Doctor Who set if he had the opportunity.

    Mark Gatiss is back to writing Doctor Who. Are we excited about that?

    Same old sonic and a blue-eyed monster. We talk about some more leaked set pictures from Series 8.

    Classic Doctor reviews. This episode we discuss the First Doctor adventure "Planet of Giants".

  96. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [009]: What About My Scarf?

    In this can't miss episode we welcome very entertaining guest Bonnie Burton (CNET, SFX Magazine) to help us talk some Doctor Who.

    What do you have against Rose? Bonnie shares with us her love for the Fourth Doctor and her annoyance with companions who fall in love with the Doctor.

    A return of the Master? We discuss the latest rumor about the upcoming Season 8.

    Worst companion ever! We go off on all kinds of tangents but eventually review the First Doctor adventure "The Sensorites".

  97. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [008]: Not One Line!

    In this episode we welcome our very first guest, Amy Ratcliffe from!

    New companion? We discuss the possibilities for the new character Danny Pink.

    Could Capaldi be a one season Doctor? We talk about the rumors that Moffat may be leaving which could lead to Capaldi being replaced.

    Doctor Who Legos? It's possible and Adam is pretty excited about it.

    Classic Doctor reviews. We discuss and review the First Doctor "The Aztecs" storyline. This one was pretty good!

  98. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [007]: Sleep On It Chesterton

    No news is good news? We discuss the lack of news about Doctor Who but still dig up some things to talk about like a recent poll taken on the Twelfth Doctor's costume and the idea of Moffat leaving Doctor who before leaving Sherlock. Also, we continue the conversation about theories on why Capaldi has appeared in Doctor Who and Torchwood as other characters. That and much more!

  99. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [006]: Everyone Will Remember You

    The Doctor's new clothes! We discuss our thoughts on what the Twelfth Doctor will be wearing.

    Crazy theory time. Peter Capaldi already shared screen time with the Tenth Doctor and Aaron has some theories about it.

    From cavemen to Thals. Aaron and Adam discuss the next seven episodes of the Classic Doctor Who series.


  100. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [005]: I Tolerate This Century

    Pajamas are cool? We discuss the latest leaked and official set pictures from Season 8 of Doctor Who.

    Will we ever see River Song again? Do we want to?

    The First Doctor is so mean! Our thoughts on the first four episodes of Classic Doctor Who.

  101. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [004]: When The Doctor Was Me

    In response to a listener's question, our hosts share their personal favorite Matt Smith as the Doctor moments. Aaron and Adam have opposing opinions as they discuss the Christmas Special "The Time of the Doctor".

    Also, was Capaldi the right choice? Our hosts talk about their concerns and hopes for the future of Doctor Who.

  102. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [003]: It's Like a Gingerbread House!

    Poor Mickey gets no respect. On this episode, Aaron shares a story of the time he met Noel Clarke. Matt Smith is the Thirteenth Doctor? We talk regenerations and how Steven Moffat is messing with our heads. And we break down and discuss in detail the latest trailers and promotional pictures for "The Time of the Doctor".

  103. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [002]: Everybody Lives!

    This week, we take an in-depth look into the 50th Anniversary episode and discuss special events and box office success surrounding it. We're also speculating about the upcoming Christmas episode based on the preview image released by BBC. Finally, we chat about what it takes to be a Doctor Who companion.

  104. Thumb badwolfradio itunesart

    [001]: Bring Me Knitting!

    In this debut episode our hosts Aaron and Adam introduce themselves, talk about how they got into Doctor Who, and discuss some of the things they love the most about the show. Also, they chat about the upcoming 50th Anniversary episode and the recently released preview episode "The Night of the Doctor".

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