Bad Wolf Radio: A Doctor Who Podcast
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A discussion and review podcast all about Doctor Who. Join Adam and Aaron as they review new episodes, discuss the latest news, and even talk some Classic Who.

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    [065] Exactly Like Camping

    Who is leaving Doctor Who? Who is in that darn vault? Who is going to play the next Doctor? We talk about it all on this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • The Master of none. Michelle Gomez announces her departure from Doctor Who and we aren't sure we were really wondering.
    • Just not the same. More audio dramas have been announced featuring David Tennant and Billie Piper. Adam is excited.
    • Not a ginger. A couple new names are in the conversation about who will play the next Doctor, and we give our thoughts.
    • Space zombies! But not really. We discuss and review the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Oxygen."
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    [064] Sleep Is For Tortoises

    Time for the haunted house episode! We review "Knock Knock" and predict the future in this brand new episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • Just breath. We look at the promo pics and trailers for the upcoming episode "Oxygen" and do some speculating.
    • Vault talk. Thanks to Steven Moffat and a more detailed synopsis for the episode "Extremis" we have new clues about who or what is behind that door.
    • Poor Pavel. We discuss and review the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Knock Knock."
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    [063] Pick a Dress

    Back in time we go! Bad Wolf Radio is back to talk about river creatures, Mark Gatiss, and knocks on the door.

    • Not so bad? A listener challenges us to consider the good things Mark Gatiss has brought us, and we turn it into a whole segment.
    • Zombies.. in space! We look at the official synopsis for "Oxygen" and get appropriately creeped out.
    • Calm down Bill. We discuss and review the recent episode "Thin Ice."
    • Back to school. We check out the teaser trailer for the next episode.
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    [062] Past or Future?

    Is Season 10 of Doctor Who already on shaky ground? Adam doesn't think so. Leave it to emoji robots to divide our hosts once again.

    • Rumors of the return of a previous Doctor heat up, and we jump to conclusions with the rest of Who fandom.
    • Doctor Who is trying a new immersive experience for an upcoming episode, and it might be a little too scary for Adam.
    • Emoji robots have Aaron a little cranky, but Adam is here to put a positive spin on things.
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    [061] She's Fine

    Doctor Who is finally back and a full season is ahead of us. We have a lot to talk about!

    • John Simm is returning to Doctor Who and we discuss what that might mean for the story.
    • Rumor has it we already know who the new Doctor is going to be. We give our early thoughts on the possibility.
    • Rumors on the timing of the Doctor's regeneration and a possible guest appearance also have us talking. Grain of salt and all that.
    • We review the first episode of Season 10 and welcome a new companion.
    • We spend some time looking ahead and picking apart the Season 10 teaser trailer.
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    [060] No More

    Some sad news and a lot of speculation about the future of Doctor Who can be found in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • After the sad news of the passing of John Hurt, we look back on his brief time as the War Doctor.
    • Season 10 will be Capaldi's last. We discuss what might be to come and who may fill the iconic role.
    • Missy will appear in Season 10. We briefly speculate on where she might fit in and if this version of the Master will be gone with Capaldi.
    • They are not just for kids. We get childish and discuss Funko's upcoming Playmobil branded Doctors and the Dalek's appearance in the LEGO Batman movie.
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    [059] I Brought Snacks

    Doctor Who is back, if only for a moment, and we were so ready for it!

    • Things to come. We break down the Season 10 teaser and speculate on what kind of companion Bill might be.
    • Don't hurt Mr. Huffle! We discuss and review the recent Doctor Who Christmas Special.
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    [058] Who's The Ghost?

    We are less than a month away from new Doctor Who! Bad Wolf Radio is back to discuss and speculate on the upcoming Christmas Special and Season 10.

    • Rumors are fun. We go through everything we know, or think we know, about Season 10 of Doctor Who.
    • Reason for concern? We discuss the state of the Doctor Who franchise and if all this waiting around has fans losing interest.
    • One season wonder. With the coming of a new showrunner, we wonder if a clean slate makes sense and what that means for the new companion
    • Comes but once a year. The Doctor Who Christmas Special is just weeks away, and we talk about all the promotional images and videos that have been released so far.
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    [057] 'Hello River'

    It's an extra long episode of Bad Wolf Radio including the full audio from the Arthur Darvill/Alex Kingston panel at Dragon Con 2016!

    • One Pond short. Aaron recaps his time at Dragon Con 2016.
    • The Doctor takes Manhattan. We talk about the Doctor Who celebrities attending New York Comic Con and what panels you can see them on
    • Jedi Time Lord. Tom Baker will be voicing a character on the popular animated series Star Wars Rebels and we have a clip.
    • Second thoughts. Does Christopher Eccleston regret now staying on for another season of Doctor Who?
    • Gatiss approved. The popular Doctor Who writer has given his thumbs up to the upcoming Christmas Special script. But does that make us feel good or bad?
    • This again. John Barrowman is returning to Doctor Who.. kind of.
    • Back to the Classics. The Second Doctor's first adventure is going to be seen for the first time in animated form. We are pretty excited about this.
    • Dragon Con audio. Stick around after the credits for the full audio from the Dragon Con 2016 panel featuring Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston
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    [056] Some Got Left Behind

    Top hats and little black cubes! Bad Wolf Radio is back to talk all things Doctor Who.

    • Pictures with Rory. We talk about the upcoming appearances of Doctor Who actors at Dragon Con and New York Comic Con.
    • Top hats are cool. Set photos from Season 10 are starting to leak out and we take a look.
    • Staying for a while? Moffat has recently hinted that Season 10 may not be Capaldi's last.
    • Before the angels. We discuss and review the final Chibnall written episode, "The Power of Three."
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