Bad Wolf Radio: A Doctor Who Podcast
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A discussion and review podcast all about Doctor Who. Join Adam and Aaron as they review new episodes, discuss the latest news, and even talk some Classic Who.

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    [077] I'm Looking for a Doctor

    We finally got a teaser clip for Season 11! Well we weren't supposed to have it yet, but we saw it and think it's worth talking about.

    • So far. We recap everything that has been announced and that we know leading up to Season 11.
    • Leaks! With a big SPOILER WARNING we discuss what we saw in the leaked video and screenshots.
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    [076] Not Just Pirates Today

    There is not a lot going on in the Doctor Who world right now, but we still wanted to get together and talk about things.

    • So cute. To start the show Aaron talk about his latest collecting discovery, Titan Kawaii vinyl figures.
    • Ever-changing. We talk about the shiny new Doctor Who logo and look back at the logos of the past.
    • A new face. We discuss the casting of Alan Cumming and what he may bring to the show.
    • Better off. Many actors have turned down the role of the Doctor. We look at the list and think about what might have been.
    • Good and bad. The fans voted and we weigh in on the best and worst of the modern series.
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    [075] I Let You Go

    It's our Christmas Special review where we talk about Bill, Clara, Daleks, glass aliens, changing times, and we rank the modern Doctor regenerations.


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    [074] To Hell With the Raggedy

    The Doctor's got new clothes! Bad Wolf Radio is back to discus the latest happenings in the world of Doctor Who.

    • Friends or companions? We talk about the 3 new cast members and what their roles may be.
    • Too casual or just right? We discuss the reveal of the Doctor's new outfit and the changes to the TARDIS.
    • Focused storytelling. Changes to episode running times and season length have been rumored. We weigh in with our thoughts and hopes.
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    [073] There's Two of Us

    No more Doctor Who until Christmas, but we still had a few things to talk about.

    • Summer memories. We recap our experience watching "The Five Doctors" together.
    • But once a year. We discuss the synopsis and teaser trailer for "Twice Upon a Time."
    • Things to come. We give our brief thoughts on possible companions for the Thirteenth Doctor.
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    [072] I'm a Girl!

    Some really big Doctor Who news hit us a little earlier than expected. We discuss our thoughts on the new Doctor and more in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • She's the Doctor. Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the Thirteenth Doctor and we ramble on about it.
    • Strong finish. We look back on Season 10 and discuss the highs and lows and pick our favorite episodes.
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    [071] I Hoped There'd Be Stars

    The Season 10 finale held so many surprises and left us wondering about what is yet to come.

    • Back to face the raven? Pretty solid rumors indicate the return of a certain companion for the Christmas Special.
    • Secret secrets. John Simm has voiced his frustration on the BBC's ability to keep Doctor Who secrets. We don't disagree with him.
    • Missy falls? We discuss the twists and turns of the season finale of Doctor Who.
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    [070] Where is Bill Potts?

    So many cliffhangers! The first part of the season finale had us so excited that we just had to do a review rather than wait to review both parts together.

    • Aaron talks about diving back into the Classic series and his experience with the BritBox app.
    • Regeneration? Loss of a companion? Return of the Master? And this is just the first half of the finale! We discuss "World Enough and Time."
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    [069] All Crows Talk

    We talk a little news, review "The Eaters of Light", and look forward to the end of Season 10 on this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • Don't you think he looks tired? In an interview with Radio Times Capaldi talks about his reasons for leaving Doctor Who.
    • Just a touch of red. We look at the promo pics for "World Enough and Time" and discuss the Master's new threads.
    • What's next? Moffat and Gatiss have their next project. We talk about our interest level in a Dracula TV series helmed by the creative duo.
    • Death by Scotland. We review "The Eaters of Light."
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    [068] Like Frozen

    The Ice Warriors return and Mark Gatiss gets a much deserved reprieve in this episode of Bad Wolf Radio.

    • We still don't know who the next Doctor will be, but Russell Davies does.
    • Pearl Mackie seemed like a one- season companion but now we aren't so sure. Would we want to see her stay?
    • We discuss the latest episode "Empress of Mars" and compare to another Gatiss episode, "Cold War."
    • We take a look at promo pics and trailers for "The Eaters of Light."
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